Thursday, 8 March 2012

Meet Rocco!

We have both wanted to get a puppy for quite sometime, until last July we lived in a small apartment so we knew it would have to wait. Once we were settled in our place we started looking round, we checked the humane society and kijiji at least a few times a week and would stop into the humance society when we were in that area. Late fall we were there on a Saturday afternoon (they are closed Sundays) and we fell in love with a 2 month old lab puppy. Sadly by the time we could find out any information she was sold :( we kind of put of the search and then I randomly checked on kijiji one day and we saw a breeder had 1 golden retriever left, so we jumped on that right away. This was him at 5 weeks old when we went to see him.

How adorable was he! We fell in love basically and put down a deposit for him right away. He was so good and just cuddled in my arm the whole time we were there, I couldn't wait to get him home with us.  We picked him up on December 10th, he was a couple days shy of being 7 weeks old.  This was him and I his first day home <3

He is now 18 weeks old, and we have had him for 11 weeks. He has come so far, and as frusterating as it can be trying to train him we love him so much and can't imagine now having him. He is now house trained, he hasn;t had an accident in about a month now, our major problem is he liked to bite our hands/arms. Won't bite furnature or shoes, just us :/ but hopefully as he continues to grow this will slowly go away. Now on to show him off some more, Ill just post some pictures, starting with yougest ones and ending in his more recent portrait which is about a week or so old.

His favorite way to sleep lol

My baby <3

Finally his latest, he is 18 weeks an weighs about 40 pounds, he's going to be a monster lol