Thursday, 5 January 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadows

Maybelline has a new line of cream eyeshadows, which is part of thier eye studio line. I just happened to stumble upon them about a week and a half ago. I only grabbed 2 at first, just to try them out, I got Pomegranate Punk and Tough and Taupe. As soon as I used them I instantly fell in love. They're pretty near the same as MAC pain pots, they have the same consitancy. They are a fairly thick cream,almost like a concealer, which I love. Everyday I use MAC's painterly or rubenesque paint pot as my eye shadow bade. Since I have bought these they are all I've been using, I still love paint pots and will continue to use them, however I more then likely will not re purchase them, with the exception of painterly as there is no color similar to it in this collection.

There are 10 colors in the collection, I currently only have 6 of them, but definitley plan to buy some more. With the exception of a nude color, they pretty well have every color you could need for a base. They do claim these are 24 hour wear, I don't know why anyone would need thier make up to last that long so I have no opinion on that claim, but I can wear them all day for about 10 hours and have absolutley no problem with them creasing. At about $7 each you can buy three of these for the price ofone MAC paint pot and get the same results.

( Tough as Taupe, painted purple, Pomegranate Punk, Audacious Asphalt, Bad to the Bronze)
(I bought this after I took the other pictures, Tenacious Teal )

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Revlon Lip Butters

I know this will be an old topic to many, but I have to post about the Revlon Lipbutters. I had to wait for these for nearly a month after I first heard about them on youtube, and I was SO excited when I finally found them here at a grocery store. They are definitley worth all the hype, I absoltely love them. I'm not personally that into lip products, its definitley what I have least of in my make-up collection, by quite a bit. These are now my go to lip product. I don't have the whole collection, although I'm sure I will end up with most of them eventually.

( creme brule, sugar frosting, cotton candy, strawberry shortcake, raspberry pie, sugar plum)

In my opinion they are a lipstick that is more moisturizing then most. Some people have been disappointed with the moisture level, but I think they were expecting more of a tinted lip balm which this definitley isn't. My favorites are definitley cotton candy and sugar plum they're what I use as everyday go to colors.
(sorry the picture quality is terrible,I have no idea what happened there :/ )

Happy New year!

So, it would appear that I fell off the face of the earth. We had been so busy the past 2 monhs I had next to no time for blogging or videos. However now that the new year is here I'm making it a point to get back into it. I have a few new products Im excited to talk about, and Im hoping to get a blog post up either later tonight or tomorrow. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New year!