Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Maybelline dream bouncy blush

Todays product I want to talk about is the Maybelline dream bouncy blush. I only have one color, and I've only had it for a few days but I felt I needed to discuss it. I've been hearing about these blushes quite a bit since they first came out, and pretty well everyone has had a different opinion on them. I've been putting off getting them just in case I didn't like it because when we first got them here they were $11, which to me is quite pricey for a small drugstore blush. The other day I was at Wal Mart and noticed they finally had them and they were only $7 so I figured what the heck. I got the shade Peach Satin #20

One thing I heard from many people was that they are very sheer, so I wanted to get a bit of a darker shade just to make sure I would get at least a little pigmentation. As soon as I saw this shade I knew I wanted this one it just looked like such a pretty color. One thing to mention as the name says they are "bouncy" when you press down on them they will bounce back up, not fully though, I try to refrain from pressing too hard to keep it from look terrible. I just lightly take my figure and swirl the top and apply it with my figure as well.

It's such a gorgeous peachy/coral color, and it is so light weight. It goes on as a cream and dries to a powder like consistancy and feels so smooth on your face. I personally was surprised with the pigmentation of it, I haven't had any probems with it. I put on one layer if I want a really subtle flush or two layers if I want it a little more noticable.

 Thin layer on my hand

Thicker layer on my arm

Over all Im really enjoying this blush, I went into it with very little expextation since I'd heard so many mixed reviews but am very happy with it, I will probably get a couple more of the darker shades.

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