Thursday, 1 March 2012

Mac Creamblend Blush

Hey guys! I know ive been terrible with posting but Im seriously going to try and be better with it, Ive got a lot of great products I want to share as well as various other topics I want to talk about. Todays product I want to talk about are M.A.C Creamblend blushes! I only have 2 and I've only had them for just about a month and they have quickly become my favorites.

(Restores Dazzle!, So Sweet, So Easy)
(Restores Dazzle!)

(So Sweet, So Easy)

(top; Restores Dazzle, Bottom; So Sweet, So Easy)

As the name of thm suggest they are a cream blush which turns into a powder like consistancy when blended into your cheeks. Restores Dazzle! is a rich plum color, which looks scary in the pan but you can blend it out into a lovely sheer plum color or if you like a deep really noticable blush it is easy to build up. For me personally it is more of an evening color, I tend to stick with lighter colors for everyday use, which takes me to So Sweet, So Easy. This is a bright yellow pink and I adore it. It is the perfect color for everyday wear, its such a nice pink color that really just adds a nice natural blush color to your cheeks. If you are a person who really likes your blush to stand out and be the focal point of your face it is really easy to build up as well. I definitley reccomed giving these a try, I definitley plan to pick up a few more colors! 

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