Thursday, 22 September 2011

slight disappointment...

I loved the first Quo shadow and blush duos I bought so much, so when I was at Shoppers again I had to get some more, I got your a peach. Which is pretty good, I like made you flush much more though. As the nme suggests they are very peachy colors.

I also got another eyeshadow, its called Plums of the world. I must say I was very excited for this one because I love purple eyeshadows so much but I was very disappointed with this one. The pigmentation isnt good at all, it takes loads of coats just to make the color noticable.

While I was there though I also bought some new mascara which came with an eyeliner. The mascara is great, makes my lashes look long and fuller. Ive only used the eyesliner a couple times it seems lke it works good, it looks like a marker and takes a couple coats if you want a really dark black but for a nice day look it is nice.

Lastly I got some Quo eye make up remover while there as well, and then the next day my boscia make up remover came in the mail from Sephora which I forgot I had ordered so Im well stocked up now. They both work well, the boscia is a bit more oily though. I also got Two faced primed and poreless foundation primer. Id heard great things about it and wanted to try it. I do like it quite a lot, I find it helps my foundation last a bit longer and feel smoother.

Sunday, 11 September 2011

New make up!

Well  I couldnt resist, I was in a make up sort of mood so I took a few pictures of my newest make up purchases and I figured I would post them and talk about the products.

this i my oldest newest purchase, the Urban Decay 15th anniversary pallette, it is gorgeous! Its such a great everyday pallette, its mostly what I use in the mornings when I dont have a lot of time before work, wuick and simple and looks great.

This I got last week, from left to right; MAC mythical eyeshadow,a red coppery color. Seaside, a cream color base which I havent used much yet. Smashbox charm eyeshadow quad, great purple colors which work well with hazel and brown eyes. MAC satin toupe eyeshadow, which is great everyday color, its like a brown/purple toupey color, MAC dipped down fluid line which is a brown eyeliner. Lastly in the front is MAC street cool shade pencil. If you out it in your lid underneath satin toupe it looks great together.

Lastly I bought these today, first is an all over face duo by Quo and it is called Made you flush and second is and eye shadow duo by Quo called Beauty & Bronze. I havent had a chance to wear either of these but they are such pretty colors, and they look like theyy'll ork very well for everyday wear especially for the fall. not to mention, I really like the packaging, its super cute!

Hey there!

So, this is officially my first ever blog, which is exciting and scary all at the same time. I didnt create this for any one spacific reason. I love reading other people blogs, and even if no one ever reads mine it will be a good way to express myself and get things off my chest. There isnt any one certain topic ill be discussing here, just random things that I enjoy and are happening in my life. As it said in my about me section, I am getting married in just over a month which is crazy! It is so hard to believe that nearly a year has passed since Ryan propsed, between planning a wedding and buying our fist place, it has been a pretty stressful and exciting year! Another big thing that I will probably talk about on here is make-up and beauty products, I watch countless amounts of vidoes on youtube about make-up/beauty/fashion and I just love it, I have a fairly extensize collection and I generally dont go longer then a week or so without buying something new, so I will surely update you all on here as I buy new things and will share my opinion, I would love to make videos on youtube too but I dont know, I think Im still too shy for that. I also love photography, Im not very good so I hope to get more practice with that soon and become better with it. I also have a huge book collection, it saddens me I havent had the time to read as much anymore, hopefully when things settle down more I can though. Also lately I am completely addicted to The Vampire Diaries, super excited for season 3 to start this thursday! So thats pretty wekk an overview of what sort of topics to expect from this blog, and hopefully you all will enjoy it!