Tuesday, 4 October 2011

11 days!

We are now down to 11 days until the wedding! I'm so excited, and finally starting to get a little nervous. I mean Im not nervous at all about being married, I can't wait for that. We've lived together for a year and eight months now, its not like theres going to be a huge change in our everday life. What Im most nervous about is doing everything in front of nearly 100 people! I hate being the centre of attention so Im ggoing to have a hard time that day, Im also dreading our speeches like the plague! Me and public speaking aren't a good mixture, Ryan hates it as much as I do.

Its getting to the point now where we have so many little nit picky things left to do, I have no desire to even do it. Ive been putting off doing our programs now for about a week :/ Im going to have to get going and get them sent to the copy place or we wont have them in time. Also need to get going with our wedding favors, and making sure everything we have gets to the hall on time with nothing breaking or getting lost or misplaced, should be quite the hectic week to come!

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