Thursday, 22 September 2011

slight disappointment...

I loved the first Quo shadow and blush duos I bought so much, so when I was at Shoppers again I had to get some more, I got your a peach. Which is pretty good, I like made you flush much more though. As the nme suggests they are very peachy colors.

I also got another eyeshadow, its called Plums of the world. I must say I was very excited for this one because I love purple eyeshadows so much but I was very disappointed with this one. The pigmentation isnt good at all, it takes loads of coats just to make the color noticable.

While I was there though I also bought some new mascara which came with an eyeliner. The mascara is great, makes my lashes look long and fuller. Ive only used the eyesliner a couple times it seems lke it works good, it looks like a marker and takes a couple coats if you want a really dark black but for a nice day look it is nice.

Lastly I got some Quo eye make up remover while there as well, and then the next day my boscia make up remover came in the mail from Sephora which I forgot I had ordered so Im well stocked up now. They both work well, the boscia is a bit more oily though. I also got Two faced primed and poreless foundation primer. Id heard great things about it and wanted to try it. I do like it quite a lot, I find it helps my foundation last a bit longer and feel smoother.

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