Monday, 31 October 2011

Lately Ive been doing a lot of makeup buying from Sephora and MAC (wtih the exception of elf and stuff from Cherry culture, but that still has to be shipped) so Im trying to get stuff from Wal-Mart or Shoppers when I get that urge to get or try something new, because lets face it Im not rich so if I can get good things for cheaper im certainly going to try it.

First product Im going to talk about is a blush from hard candy, its called honeymoon. Its this peachy/pink color with some shimmer through it.Its suck apretty color when I tried it the first time I knew I was going to love it. It goes on fairly sheer just enough to give youa little pop of color on your cheeks to brighten your face up. Theres a really nice sheer shimmer through it, it gives you a really beautiful shimmer if your cheek hits the light the right way. I dont like shimmer when it just looks way too much and unnatural. When I wear this blush I dont use a highlighter on my cheeks becaause its just way too much for me, which is kind of nice because then I can skip that step.

Next is a single eye shadow from Cover Girl and its called tapestry toupe. I love doing a nice neautral eye, its pretty much my go to look for everyday beforework,I have a lot of various neautral browns/toupes/ gold for some reason I can never resist buying new ones even when I have a color thats so similar you would hardly notice the difference when its on, oh well at least this one was cheap. Its a really pretty toupe and I can definitley see myself reaching for this quite frequantly especially when I need a quick look before work.

Next is a quad from maybelline and its called Purple Icon. I admitI am asucker for anything that is purple. It is by far my favorite color I almost always have something purple on me weather it be clothes, nail polish or eye shadow. So needless to say when I was looking around at Wal-Mart and seen this I had to pick it up.

Finally I picked up 2 palettes from Wet N Wild, Comfort zone and Blue had me at Hello. Id often seen the display for Wet N Wild but never paid much attention, I figured if it was that cheap it couldn't be very good. Then I started hearing lots of people talking about them on youtube, so I decided to pick them up. Imust say Im very impressed, theres 8 colors in each palette and Id say 6 out of 8 are really good and very pigmented.

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