Sunday, 11 September 2011

New make up!

Well  I couldnt resist, I was in a make up sort of mood so I took a few pictures of my newest make up purchases and I figured I would post them and talk about the products.

this i my oldest newest purchase, the Urban Decay 15th anniversary pallette, it is gorgeous! Its such a great everyday pallette, its mostly what I use in the mornings when I dont have a lot of time before work, wuick and simple and looks great.

This I got last week, from left to right; MAC mythical eyeshadow,a red coppery color. Seaside, a cream color base which I havent used much yet. Smashbox charm eyeshadow quad, great purple colors which work well with hazel and brown eyes. MAC satin toupe eyeshadow, which is great everyday color, its like a brown/purple toupey color, MAC dipped down fluid line which is a brown eyeliner. Lastly in the front is MAC street cool shade pencil. If you out it in your lid underneath satin toupe it looks great together.

Lastly I bought these today, first is an all over face duo by Quo and it is called Made you flush and second is and eye shadow duo by Quo called Beauty & Bronze. I havent had a chance to wear either of these but they are such pretty colors, and they look like theyy'll ork very well for everyday wear especially for the fall. not to mention, I really like the packaging, its super cute!

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  1. The packaging of the quo products is amazing,

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