Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Revlon Lip Butters

I know this will be an old topic to many, but I have to post about the Revlon Lipbutters. I had to wait for these for nearly a month after I first heard about them on youtube, and I was SO excited when I finally found them here at a grocery store. They are definitley worth all the hype, I absoltely love them. I'm not personally that into lip products, its definitley what I have least of in my make-up collection, by quite a bit. These are now my go to lip product. I don't have the whole collection, although I'm sure I will end up with most of them eventually.

( creme brule, sugar frosting, cotton candy, strawberry shortcake, raspberry pie, sugar plum)

In my opinion they are a lipstick that is more moisturizing then most. Some people have been disappointed with the moisture level, but I think they were expecting more of a tinted lip balm which this definitley isn't. My favorites are definitley cotton candy and sugar plum they're what I use as everyday go to colors.
(sorry the picture quality is terrible,I have no idea what happened there :/ )

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